The Royal Doulton ELITE

The Royal Doulton® ELITE brings the very best technology, research and materials together to set a new standard in drinking water quality.

Designed to be discreetly fitted under the main kitchen sink, the Royal Doulton® ELITE will provide high quality, tasty drinking water from a dedicated tap.

It features a high-specification ceramic filtration candle, which draws contaminants from the water supply, combined withEcoFast® technology housing.

Made from BPA-free food grade plastic the housing allows for easy removal of the candle when it needs to be replaced and also features an automatic water shut off.

The Royal Doulton® ELITE candle is of the highest specification and provides 99.99%+ filtration of contaminants.

Through the ceramic outer shell the filter removes bacteria and cysts including e-coli, shigella, cholera and giardia. The candle is impregnated with silver to prevent bacteria growth.

Activated carbon is used to draw out chlorine, while heavy metal reduction media targets any lead, mercury and cadmium present.

With the contaminants removed the filtered water is channelled towards a dedicated stylish chrome Royal Doulton® tap.

Functional and an aesthetic asset for any kitchen, this long reach tap also features an LED display that indicates when the filter will need to be changed to retain optimal performance.

For tap water of the highest standard choose Royal Doulton® ELITE.